These items are reconstructions of braid and ribbon (along with buttons, which can be seen in the button gallery) for Ninya Mikhaila and Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

The items were made to finish two reconstructions of a doublet in Perth Museum, along with a matching pair of breeches. The original doublet dates from the 1620s. The reconstructed suit formed part of an exhibition in 2007.

The braid is tablet woven using different weights of silk to create the raised central area. Picots are created from the weft along the edges of the braid; the edge is also scalloped.

The ribbon is tabby woven on an inkle loom; a plain weave in fine silk.

Thanks to Ninya Mikhaila for allowing me to use images of the reconstructed suit. For more details of the making of the suit, and pictures, please visit Ninya's site.

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