Commissions & Pricing

Ball & Dorset buttons with fabric swatches by Gina BarrettAll items are made to order and prices will depend upon complexity, materials, and timescales. 

Unsure of what you need?

It is best if you can give me a general idea as to what it is that you are looking for - this is particularly important with regards to items for historical costume. At the very least, I need to know the date range, and an image of what garment you are basing your reconstruction on. My study is quite specific to trimmings - I can't always advise you as to what garment a "middle class woman of 1825" should wear for instance! Saying that, where possible, I'm happy to advise as to the suitability of an item for your needs. You may however, know just what you want - a copy of an extant item, in materials which best match the original.


I can work with you to design trimmings; using paintings or engravings as source material, or simply designing something completely different. However, you should be aware that this will take time, and any samples will need to be paid for. For any extended projects, get in touch - we can discuss a consultation fee if necessary. I'm afraid I can't spend hours designing and researching something for you for free.


The items I make are each hand crafted, using traditional techniques and quality materials. Many of the items cannot be found in today's mass-market economy, simply due to the time each technique takes. Often, I need to research to find the correct method of creating the object you wish, or I may need to source specialist materials created simply for your item. All of these factors contribute to the cost, and to the creation of a piece of textile art. I do however, realise that often budgets are a very large factor. Wherever possible, I do try to include alternatives when quoting, such as a brocade weave using a gilt or a high content gold thread, allowing you a choice to suit your budget.



Please try to contact me with as much time as possible. I usually have a waiting list, so complex last minute jobs aren't always possible!

Ordering & Payment

In the first instance, please contact me, outlining what it is you are looking for. Try to include as much information as you can (including any deadlines you may have), as this will enable me to give you a better idea of costs from the outset. After discussion, I will then be able to provide you with a quotation, timescale, and deposit structure. (I usually require 50% prior to commencement of work). I accept payment in UK pounds sterling only, and payment can be made by PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer or by a cheque drawn on a UK bank.

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